Exide Genplus

Salient Features of Exide Genplus Batteries

Presenting the new, maintenance free Exide GENPLUS batteries with cutting-edge technology for Genset applications. The extra power-packed Exide GENPLUS batteries come with exclusive features to meet the demanding conditions for Genset applications in the Indian environment and carry a 2 year warranty (when fitted as per the recommended application chart).

  • Excellent starting ability with higher cranking power to weight ratio
  • High charge retention characteristics with ability to perform even under partial state-of-charge condition
  • Superior maintenance free characteristics through advanced Ca-Ca technology requiring topping up once only in 9 months under standard operating condition
  • Battery size rationalized to suit different Genset ratings
  • Special lid design making the battery spill resistant
  • Vent caps with advanced flame arrestors and micro porous filter disc to arrest acid fumes
  • Excellent storage life
  • Delivered factory charged and in ready-to-use condition
  • Application Chart For Exide Genplus Batteries

    Battery Type GENSET KVA Rating Voltage System
    GP110D31R 5 - 160 12V
    GP110D31L 82 - 380 24V
    GP115E41L 380 - 1010 24V

    Technical Specifications of Exide Genplus Batteries

    Battery Type Part Number Capacity (Ah) 20HR (REF) Maximum Overall Dimensions (mm) Nominal Filled Weight (KG) Electrolyte Volume (LTS) Charging Current (AMPS)

    CCA At (–) 18ºc as per

    Battery Layout
    110D31R FGP0-GP110D31R 90 305 173 225 22.2 5.0 5.5 576 720 Right Layout
    110D31L FGP0-GP110D31L 90 305 173 225 22.2 5.0 5.5 576 720 Left Layout
    115E41L FGP0-GP115E41L 105 410 176 233 28.1 6.1 6.5 660 825 Left Layout