Exide Xpack

Introducing Exide XPack. The only zero maintenance motorcycle battery with the X Factor.Built with world-class Calcium Effects Technology, it delivers a power-packed performance and endures tough Indian road conditions. XPack comes with a 36-month pro-rata warranty that includes an 18-month free replacement warranty.

Features of Exide XPack Range of Batteries

  • Calcium Effects Technology along with Ca-Ca Alloy ensures a maintenance-free life even in tough Indian road conditions
  • PE Envelope & Glassmat separators protect from bumps and vibrations thereby prolonging its life
  • Topping-up is not required within the warranty period under normal running condition
  • Its design makes it completely unspillable and is virtually sealed
  • Specially designed, flat type single gang plug allows easy maintenance
  • Absence of a Breather Tube eliminates the need for a drain pipe
  • Bolted connection rules out the risk of failure of soldered joints
  • Technical Specifications of Exide XPack Motorcycle Batteries

    Battery Type Capacity 10HR (AH) Maximum Overall Dimensions (mm) Nominal Weight (Kg) Electrolyte Volume (LTS) Charging Current (AMPS) Battery Layout
    L W H Dry Filled
    12MF2.5L-C 2.5 81 71 106 0.8 1.2 0.3 0.25
    12MF5L-B 5 121 61 131 1.6 2.1 0.4 0.5
    12MF9-B 9 137 76 139 2.35 3.1 0.6 0.9