Partner With Us

Batteries Point is an innovative service which aims to bring all types of services and products to consumers when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it. In short, Batteries Point is platform which allows aggregation and commercialization of all types of services. It allows you to bring just-in-time, just enough services to people who need it, as and when required.

  • You should join hands with Batteries Point if you wish to
  • Reach your end user in a manner that is most convenient and affordable to them as well as to you
  • Partner with other, like minded services for mutual benefit. Increase customers and beat your competition by tapping into a revenue stream that only a select few are aware about.
  • Exploit a platform that allows you to regularly reach your target audience. Also connect with other businesses, and interface with the government. In other words, you can expand the scope of your business to include B2C (Business to Consumer), B2B (Business to Business), B2G (Business to Government), C2G (Consumer to Government).
  • This, in turn, expands your customer base substantially without adding on costs and allows you put your business growth on the fast track by improving sales and turnovers.
  • Use an easy interface and cutting edge technology in a low cost manner so as to improve profit margins. For your convenience, there are several ways in which you can partner with Batteries Point . You can be a
  • Batteries Point Business Partner - As a business partner of Batteries Point, both your business as well as Batteries Point mutually benefit from shared objectives and values. We have unbelievable limited offer for you.
  • Batteries Point Channel Partner – A channel partner is the bridge between Batteries Point customers, vendors, business partners, distributors, and the rest of world. Know how you can earn lakhs of rupees per month by becoming a channel partner of Batteries Point. Align your business interest with one of the best brand sin the country, and reap rich dividends.
  • Batteries Point Merchant Partner – A merchant partner of Batteries Point uses the features of our services in order to advertise their own products or services. Post classifieds, advertisements, banner ads and so on. Reach your target audience in a matter of seconds, cut out the middle man and reduce costs on commissions and overheads.
  • Batteries Point Customer – A valued customer can log into the website of Batteries Point and its partners and exploit the rich resources available there in order to save time and money. Find and compare the best prices and most competitive quotes for all types of services and products and find the most experienced service providers.